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This award winning musical centers around forbidden love between a poet-singer from a fisherman's family and a young dancer from an orthodox household. How they fight superstitious values and struggle for a place in the sun forms the core of the plot.

Starring : Girish Karnad, Nagarjuna, Ramya Krishnan
Music scored by Ilayaraja.



A mega box office hit it is a suspense thriller narrating the story of a TV singer who gets inadvertently tangled in a murder conspiracy. Central attraction of the film is the mystifying effect produced on the viewer through a cornea transplant which is instrumental in unraveling the conspiracy. The film has its basis on a news item published in a popular international daily a few years ago.

Starring : Shobana , Naresh
Music by Ilayaraja.  



A musical thriller featuring a four member group who use their skills to propagate the message of non-violence love and oneness in society.

Starring : Bhanuchander, Shobana, Sharath babu and Usha Uthap
Music scored by Ilayaraja.



This Tamil film revolves around the story of a young man who finds his love through a matrimonial ad placed in a newspaper by him. His friend also happens to be in love with the same girl. How the lovers unite is presented in an interesting way and forms the rest of the story.

Starring : Prabhudeva, Simran, Ambica
Music scored by Ilayaraja.



A psycho -- drama revolving around a young girl grappling with acute schizophrenia. It is a murder mystery set against the backdrop of the modelling world. A film inspired from the real life story of a stone killer in calcutta.

Starring : Rehman, Nirosha, Radha
Music scored by Ilayaraja.


Server Sundaram Gari Abbayi

A heart warming tale of a waiter who struggles to save his only son whose life is ticking away to its end due to an incurable heart disease. Woven into the plot are situations that highlight the bond between the father and the son. Inspired by the first heart transplant done in India by Dr. Venugopal of AIIMS, New Delhi.

Starring : Sathyanarayana, Dabboo Malik, Amani, Indraja
Director A.S. Geetha Krishna has himself set the music for the film.