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Blue fox cinema is founded by ace film director Mr. A.S.Geethakrishna known for his penchant to make creative films. He has under this banner launched a film titled geethakrishna koffi bar.

This film portrays a variety of themes blended subtly to keep the viewers engrossed and curious about the happenings.

Interested , aspiring new actors fluent in English and Telugu can send photographs, show reels and other forms of video clips along with a resume attaching relevant particulars to

koffi Bar Synopsis:

The film’s story revolves around an intelligent and ambitious young man from rural background who, in search of livelihood, finds himself amid the glitz and glamour of the urban milieu. He lands a job in one of the multi-national companies. He runs into a 10- year-old girl who becomes a great friend of his. This little girl and the young man meet up a pretty young woman who falls in love with him.The story has some interesting and heart-warming scenes involving the little girl and the romantic couple.

The happy-go-lucky and principled young man with a positive outlook on life inadvertently gets into a predicament: a wily middle-aged man blackmails him emotionally. The hero’s astounding intuitive powers and intelligence help him to free himself from the web of harrowing situations created by the blackmailer. A coffee shop serves as a focal point for a series of interesting and thrilling activities.

The film is conceived as a high tech thriller incorporating the theme of love and romance and a message: the film tries to instill in young minds a sense of social responsibility and a spirit of peaceful coexistence of communities
and different religious groups. The trilingual contains all the essential ingredients including nail-biting
suspense and melodious music that go to make the movie a popular and classy entertainer.

About the Producer-Director:

Geetha Krishna is a well-known film personality who is popular as a creative director both among the discerning audiences as well as masses. He is popular not only as a film director-producer, but also as an ad film maker.

Besides Blue Fox Cinema (feature films) he has Adwinfilm which is a production house engaged in making of ad commercials and other films for corporate houses and the Government. While he is uncompromising on aesthetic and technical values in his films he always keeps a watchful eye to ensure that his films impress all kinds of audiences.


Geetha Krishna’s films are known for high production values. His films include the Nandi award-winning Sankeerthana, Kokila, Keechurallu, Priyathama, Time (bilingual film in Tamil and Telugu) and Server Sundaramgari Abbayi.

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