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Be Like a Roman ... With Love


A renowned Indian novelist Sricharan Gandhi receives rave reviews and international acclaim for his latest book, “Once in a Lifetime”.

This popular book with readership worldwide has yet another admirer in a young girl from Italy.

She evinces great interest in the author and traces him eventually. They contact each other via mails and through innumerable chatting sessions on the net. What merely starts as an acquaintance blossoms into true friendship.

This girl from Italy, Christina argues with the author about the book and the sadness and void the book had left in her mind in the concluding paragraphs.

The books talks about an Indian girl from the US, suffering from a kind of terminal illness visiting India and is mesmerized by its beauty and culture. She recommends that people must see their own country first at least once in their lifetime to be able to appreciate life. The way the author Sricharan Gandhi ends the life journey of the Indian girl in his book melts the heart of Christina so much that she pleads with him and inspires him to visit Italy and write a story.

Due to financial constraints though Sricharan Gandhi is a bit apprehensive to make the trip he is encouraged by Christina to approach the Italian Embassy in India for a tourist visa. A day prior to his departure when they chat on the net Christina jocularly remarks to Sricharan Gandhi to be like a Roman when in Rome.

As Sricharan Gandhi lands in Italy he is through an arrangement received by a tourist guide Anna de Caprio who helps him out to explore Italy and Rome. They travel together the length and breadth of Italy and Sricharan Gandhi is in complete awe of the history, culture and its architectural marvel. He incorporates all these elements in his to-be written book with a great sense of inspiration and with a lot of frustration too because Christina remains elusive and incommunicado though he tries his best to trace her.

Finally with the help of Anna de Caprio he finds that Christina is in a hospital. He travels on a rainy night to the hospital only to find that she is already discharged. However, Christina leaves a note for him which requests him not to trace her because she never wanted another tragic ending for his story.

Meanwhile, Anna de Caprio hopelessly falls in love with Sricharan Gandhi, but alas it is time for him to bid adieu to her and head back home. Once in India with a heavy heart he completes his book and names it “Be Like a Roman.” In the foreword to his book he talks with passion about the unseen girl who was the inspiration for him to see Italy and specially dedicates the book to her with love.

About the film project:

The cross-cultural film project seeks to portray the enigmatic relationship between an Indian novelist and a sensitive girl, his admirer, who represents all that is sublime about the culture and the spirit of Italy.

The protagonist’s brief but unforgettable journey through Italy, his pleasant experiences with its people, how he tries to connect with them emotionally, his fascination for the history of the land and marvelous architecture of ancient buildings in Rome and other cities in the country and his perceptions and discovery of social realities form part of the film’s plot.

The film aims to capture the beauty and splendor of the country even as it tries to celebrate the social and cultural relations between India and Italy. One of the objectives of the producer-director (Geethakrishna) is to showcase the best that Italy has to offer to foreign tourists and promote the traditional relations between India and Italy.